1153 - Paintings!! rss

These are the last 3 paintings I have done in my spare time!
The 1st one here was for a charity auction. Acrylic on wood.

This next one was for a group show based on the Novels that inspired The ‘Game Of Thrones” tv series.
It is 12 x 24 acrylic on linen. I picked up on a reference to ice spiders that the “Others” ride or use to track things with.
I went with the ” Monsters and Me” style.

And this one was for a group show based on anything comic books!
I am a huge fan of the “Bone” series so I decided to paint the Hooded One and some Rat Creatures.
This one is 8×8 acrylic on board.

1151 - Emerald City Comicon 2014 rss

Emerald City Comicon is getting close. MARCH 28-30 so I figure I should let you all know that this year I will be at booth 1308.
I will have books and prints to sell as well as original sketch cards and 8×10 sketches upon request.
As far as prints go I will have 3 new ones this year as well as a 9 page comic in this years MASSIVE edition of “Monsterpedia” that will be sold at the booth. I also have an image in this years “Monsters and Dames” book that will be available at the Con as a limited edition release with proceeds going to charity!
And last but not least, I will have a new design for this years sketch cards so COME CHECK IT ALL OUT!

1149 - Mood Sketch rss

Playing with an Idea for the next painting

1147 - GO HAWKS! rss


1145 - ECCC Monsterpedia Short story sneak peak rss

A quick random sample of some of the panels from my 9 page short story ” The Quest”. It will be included in a compilation of stories for a book called Monsterpedia that will be on sale at this years Emerald City Comic Con. More news soon

1137 - Peggle 2! rss

Peggle 2 is now released for the Xbox 1 and I had the pleasure of doing some character designs for the game before leaving PopCap. I was able to create the final game characters for 3-4 Peggle Masters using tons of designs and concepts as reference that were created by the art team. Especially my good friend Matt Holmberg ( designer and artist responsible for the card game “Magi-Nation).
Some of my concept art and finals

This pic is variations of Berg by Matt Gene Blakefield and myself although Matt made TONS of iterations early as well
My first idea for Luna was that she was a ghost girl that turned skeletal like Jack Skellington for her power
ulna stuffweb
Ulna_action ideasweb

1127 - Latest Painting I did for a Commission rss

PVZ related! It is 10×10 on board with Acrylic. Here is the final as well as some step by step.



1121 - Jack and Billina rss

My latest painting for the group show at the LTD GALLERY in Seattle.
The theme was Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.
Basically characters from Literature.
I chose to paint Jack Pumpkinhead and the talking Chicken Billina from the Land of OZ.
The painting is 12 by 36 inches Acrylic on Canvas. Here is a link to all the art available from the show.

I decided to upload a step by step of the process.
The first 3 are digital sketches before I transferred it to canvas with a projector and finished it up.
This was the first time I tried painting an under painting of sorts and I think I like it. You?
Jack and Billina process web

1116 - ART! rss

Adding a few things I been up to lately!!


DigDug VS Zombies2

BOOK COVER PVZ_actual size

1109 - BIDDING IS LIVE! rss

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